Joseph Francis

Asha Athumani

Babuu Erik

Joseph Francis comes from the small village of Rombo in Kilimanjaro. He lived with his mother, but she was unable to feed him everyday and so he left to try and look for work. Joseph lived on the streets of Arusha for 3 years. He faced nearly constant hunger, the lack of a safe place to sleep, and conflict with older homeless people. He was able to survive by begging and selling scrap metal, which he searched in the city dump for. Joseph Francis was rescued by Amani’s Street Educator and is now working towards finishing his secondary school education – something just 7% of Tanzanians can say they’ve done. He excels at science classes and enjoys art. He wants to be a doctor someday.

At 7 years old, Babuu is one of the youngest children at Amani. When he was just a baby, his mother was murdered. Because his father left before he was born, Babuu was raised by his grandparents who were very poor and struggled to provide for him. Although his grandparents tried to care for him, Babuu quickly became malnourished. Seeing his unhealthy condition, the leader of Babuu’s local village brought him to Amani where he has since grown into a strong, healthy, and confident young boy. Babuu can frequently be found running across Amani’s grounds with his best friends

Asha is 9 years old. She and her brother Salim Mohammed had a very difficult time living on the streets with their mother. They were forced to walk the streets to beg for money and faced a beating if they returned empty handed. Salim came to Amani in 2008 and Amani’s social workers had been working with the children’s mother ever since to arrange for Asha to join him. She finally agreed to allow Asha to come to Amani and begin school. Saying goodbye to her mother has not been easy for Asha, but she has begun studying in Amani’s Onsite Education Program and is making steady progress. Amani’s social workers are counseling Asha and Salim’s mother and hope that one day the family will be reunited.

Above are only three brief biographies of the hundreds of children under the care of Amani Children's Home. For more information, please visit

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